Writing about communication skills in nursing essay

How to Describe Communication Skills in Nursing Essay

Listening to other people looks the most caring act. If your vocation is being a nurse then learn how to listen and attend. Writing communication skills in the nursing essay is a text about improving communication skills with patients. The ability of bad relations with patients can destroy this connection. So, the goal of your essay is giving the realizing of the communication importance in nursing.

How to Enhance Reflective Essay on Communication

While preparing the communication skills in the nursing essay it’s will be good to add important official documents that regulate nurses work. For instance, The Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Conduct, where it is clearly spelled out about nurses’ rights. Also write that nurses should have the duty of physical, mental and social needs of the person.

Speaking about responsibilities of nurses’ work in your essay you may propose the list of the main points, such as:
  • help, support, care about patients;
  • spend a lot of time with patients;
  • respect a person regardless the religion and personal beliefs;
  • develop communication skills.
In communication skills in the nursing essay it’s important to tell about the necessity of using the rich vocabulary because nurses should educate and inform patients about diseases. So every person must clearly understand the given information.

 What Skills Are Important for Nursing Work?

In your essay don’t forget to explain well about all important communicative skills for nurses’ work:
  1. Listening is the important part of communication that is needed for actively listening to doctors, patients to provide the perfect care. While listening nurses demonstrate the respect of people. Knowing the body language is an effective way of demonstrating the listening. Thus, nurses learn to understand eye contact, fidgeting and other tasks.
  2. Writing communication skills in nursing essay supposes also another communication skill – the ability of right writing the information. It’s important because brief and clear notes are needed for recording vital signs of patients, so the quality of care may have a risk. The doctor may use these notes for determining the right diagnosis and care.

So, as you see, the effective communication is impossible without correct improving skills. Your communication technology essay must include constructive advice that will help in nurses’ work and so on. Think carefully about the subject of your text and follow the official structure. Good luck!


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