Writing communication essay: introduction, body and conclusion

Tips of Writing Communication Essay

Writing a communication essay: introduction and other parts could have various aims but it’s important to follow specific guidelines. The purpose of its writing is giving the readers ideas by organized and effective way. First important step is choosing the correct topic of your future essay. What subject do you want to describe? After finding the perfect title you should to make a research that will support the main idea.

Parts of Communication Essay

The next step of communication essay (introduction) writing is creating an organized plan. After this you are ready to start your project. This outline must be detailed and include:

  • introduction,
  • few paragraphs of body,
  • and summary.

Speaking the simple language, the essay should have a beginning, a middle part and an ending. So, your role and importance of communication essay must consist of at least 5 paragraphs.

What to Write in Various Parts of an Essay

In communication essay – introduction give your general idea clearly. Also you may mention interesting and important points but briefly. All these points will have own paragraphs in your essay.

This part of the text is a place where you catch the audience attention, ask questions, give statistics, or make useful statement. Thus the reader will keep reading to know what else you can tell.
In conclusion repeat your thesis statement but add a confirmation of your ideas that were written in introduction. Don’t forget to make a connection between the reader and the subject of your text, thus the reader will clearly understand what you are talking about.

First you may write a draft and then edit it with applying all grammatical rules. On this stage you can also add some new information or expand some statement. Only then rewrite communication essay (introduction and other parts) with all corrections. Then you may introduce your text to relatives and friends to explore the essay effect.

Tips of Writing

Here are few tips that will help to make your essay about communication better:
  1. Spend some time to create interesting and original ideas. Maybe you will need to make some notes, lists, or even pictures.
  2. After writing the first draft, possible you will need to write the second and even the third ones until you will get the perfect essay.
  3. Reread all the text after finishing identifying all strong and weak sides of the text.

Hope, these advice will help you in writing the good essay on communication that your teacher and other readers will appreciate.


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