Communication Skills in Our Daily Life

Essay on importance of communication skills in our daily life should explain why it’s so important to have a talking with many other people. In this way you can send your message efficiently, and the person will clear understand the meaning of your words and the motive of them. In fact, communication plays a great role in people's life and different people use various methods of passing messages. You as an author should describe that communication is needed for interchanging expressions, information and minds as well.

Meaning of Communication Skills

Writing the essay on importance of communication skills in our daily life must include explaining what the process of communication does mean. The way of information transferring is necessary for speaking with members of the family, friends, and in your interest groups.

In your essay you may additionally tell about one way communication when a person transfer his ideas to others and other people are just listening and receive the message. This method of communication is often used in televisions, radios and so on. In essay on importance of communication skills in English it’s necessary to tell about two way communications that active conversation is provided.

What to Write in Body of an Essay

To expand fully the subject in your essay on importance of communication skills in our daily life you may remember about following information:

  • elements of effective communication;
  • aims of communication;
  • conversation like an art;
  • influence of communication on your everyday life.

To make your text more interesting you can also tell about review of communication, models of it and barriers in making conversation.  Mass communication essay writing is possible also to describe the making conversation with using internet, e-mail, mobile phones, Media and the like. You can add
this part in your text.

Lists, subheadings, paragraphs will help to make the essay structured and ordered. Thus, you may answer following questions according to the topic of the text.
  1. How to improve communication?
  2. How to start conversation with unknown person?
  3. How to address to a stranger?
  4. How to use signs during conversation?
  5. What tone to use?
These and other questions may help in writing the successful guide in communication making.

How to Make a Conclusion of the Text

You can also propose few ways of solving the problem of communication barriers. For instance, cultural barrier may appear between representatives of different religions. Language barrier may be the biggest problem in communication, because there are many languages exist in the world. Thus use common languages to make easy conversation with anyone. Perceptual barrier appear between persons who have different opinions. Physical barrier is typical for people who do different work.

In conclusion of your essay on importance of communication skills in our daily life you may describe clearly what will happen in our everyday life without effective and qualitative communication. Make a list of most popular drawbacks such as absence of advancement on a career ladder, impossibility of making impress your customers, inability of normal life organization.

Also propose ways of improving communication skills that is possible due to watching news and films, reading newspapers and well written books, talking to friends, relatives and teachers. While talking with others help to improve communication mastery best of all. Make a useful summary in conclusion and summarize that these skills will help everyone to become a leader in the life.


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